This Software helps to visualise
and store data from NeuroTrac
® EMG devices

NeuroTrac Software installation

Download the Latest Software Version 5.0.117:

You can download and run the fully functioning software for a Trial period of 15 days.

If you already have an older version 5.0 installed and activated, you can also use the above link to update your version, but the easiest is to press Help->Check for Updates. If you already have version prior to 5.0 (for example v2.07, v3.01, v4.01) - the installation of above Trial version will be installed in parallel as a separate installations, so you will have both old version and a new trial on your computer. The Trial Installation of the latest software will not erase any of your old database data and will be installed with the empty database. Then you will have an option to Import the old database into the new version:  Setup->Programme Setup ->Import Database.

Every Software release brings new buttons, new functions, extends the existing protocols and display capabilities. We gather your requests for development and implement it in any new incoming software releases. The licence activation authorize your legal copy of Software release on your computer. Please note that the licence covers this release (currently 5.x) but not any further releases (6.0, etc). On the other hand, you have a free option to update your release with any latest version of that release, your licence cover this. To check if any updates of your licensed release are available, run the Software, select Help->Check for Updates.

The Licence

After the installation, you may use a full functionally-unlimited version for a trial period of 15 days. Any time you login, the software checks the licence status and displays the reminder if still not activated.

Please purchase the licence from your distributor. The licence contains an activation code for 5 activations. This allows you to activate your installations upto 5 times. The typical intended use is to have 2 installations, one on the stationary PC in clinic and another on mobile laptop. The remaining 3 activations would be reserved if you change the Windows machine.  Please consider to purchase an additional licence, if your situation requires more machines to be activated. We have only one type of Licence: for 5 activations.

The Activation is unique to the installation and is not transferable. If you update the hardware of your computer/laptop or move to another computer/laptop, you can move your database but it does not contain activation.You will be asked to activate the installation one more time.

The licence contains the activation key, which looks like: AAAA-AAAA-AAAA. The Licence comes via email or could be printed for you.